The Management Board of the Bank

Svetlana Sass
Member of the Management Board, Chief Accountant
April 1, 1965 in Moscow
Chief Accountant
Date of the Bank of Russia’s approval:
Date of appointment:
Professional education
Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (graduated in 1987), qualification: engineering economist, degree in: Organisation of Mechanised Processing of Economic Data
Additional education
1. Ministry of Finance's Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia, 1999
2. International Centre for Training of Managers, 1993
3. Corporate Certification Centre Consultbankir, 1994
4. International Financial Banking School, Moscow, 2007
5. Private Educational Institution – the Institute of Advanced Training and Training of Financial Specialists, course Bank: Accounting, Taxes and Reporting, 2012
6. Institute for Development of Modern Educational Technologies (IRSOT), training course Accounting and Tax Accounting in Business Companies, NGOs and Public Sector Entities. Complex Issues in IFRS Reporting: Calculation of Deferred Tax according to IAS 12, 2013.
Post-graduate degree/title


Svetlana Sass has been working in the banking sector since 1992: "My job is interesting. A lot of changes happen all the time. No way to get bogged down with routine". Before joining CBM, Svetlana worked at Russian Universal Investment Bank, Impexbank, Russian Credit and Holding Credit banks.

Svetlana Sass rejects flatly the 'woman's place is in the kitchen' cliché. Contrary to that, she notes, today business women are much more successful than their male colleagues: "Age and gender may only matter for the first impression, but then people will judge you from your competences. Being a woman can only hinder me where emotions can't be held back. They are allowable within reason, but business requires a cool head".

Svetlana thinks the fair sex has a restriction in business as most women are not ready to sacrifice family for career. She tries to spend all her free time with her loved ones: "We go to the theatre, exhibitions, countryside, and barbecues with friends".

Career summary

CB Holding-Credit LLC

06.10.2000 - 06.08.2006: CFO – Chief Accountant responsible for organising accounting processes for all business areas, developing accounting and tax policies, financial planning, controlling correct booking of bank operations and preparation of reporting for CBR and tax authorities.

07.08.2006 - 21.04.2008: CFO responsible for financial planning, budgeting, overseeing bookkeeping subdivisions, designing financial and accounting models for various banking operations and transactions, and making annual reports.


24.04.2008 - 24.06.2008: Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board – President responsible for developing accounting and tax policies, accounting and taxation methodology documents, controlling correct and timely booking of bank operations and preparation of all forms of tax reporting, and ensuring preparation of accounting statements.

Since 25.06.2008: Chief Accountant. Ms. Sass was approved for that office by Moscow GTU of the Bank of Russia on 16.06.2008.

Since 05.11.2008: member of the Management Board.


13.04.2016 - 30.06.2020: member of the Board of Directors.