The Management Board of the Bank

Pavel Shevchuk
First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board
Date and place of birth
12 February 1973, Moscow
First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board
Date of the Bank of Russia’s approval
Date of appointment
Professional education
Bauman Moscow State Technical University (graduated in 1996), qualification: mechanical engineer specialised in multi-purpose track-type and wheeled vehicles.
Kutafin Moscow State Law Academy (graduated in 2012), degree in: Law.
Additional education
Occupational retraining programme "Finance and Credit" at the Finance and Banking Technologies Institute, 03.10.1998.
Qualification upgrade, on 03.10.2003: securities management, and investment funds, mutual funds and private pension funds management firm executive / comptroller / specialist qualification.
Post-graduate degree/title

Banking experience since 1995 with more than 18 years of successful managerial work.

05.02.2018 – hired as Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board.

23.03.2018 – appointed to the Management Board as First Deputy Chairman.

Career summary

Sberbank of Russia (Sberbank), Moscow Bank

01.06.2012 – 31.12.2014: Director of Tverskoe Branch. Responsibilities: organising service processes for corporate and retail customers, achieving key performance indicators in all customer categories across all sales channels.

01.01.2015 – 04.04.2016: CIB Managing Director. Responsibilities: creating a subdivision covering largest corporate customers; achieving key performance indicators, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction, ensuring acceptable levels of credit and operational risk.

05.04.2016 – 16.05.2016: Managing Director covering large, medium, small and micro-businesses (including defence industry enterprises). Responsibilities: designing and building a centralised sectoral service structure for such customers, building a target sales model.

REGION Investment Company

14.11.2016 – 24.04.2017: First Deputy General Director. Responsibilities: improving business performance.


05.02.2018 - 22.03.2018: Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board. Responsibilities: analysing performance of the Bank’s corporate and retail business.

Since 23.03.2018: First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board. Responsibilities: drafting strategic development plans for corporate and retail business, ensuring achievement of target performance indicators in retail and corporate business, coordinating the directorates covering corporate and retail customers

Since 23.03.2018: member of the Management Board.


Since 15.02.2018: member of the Board of Directors. Responsibilities: participating in the Board of Directors’ work on the matters within its competence.

Parallel employment