Material fact notice

Assignment of identification number to issue (additional issue)


1. General Information

1.1. Issuer’s full corporate name (name for NGO)

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (public joint-stock company)

1.2. Issuer’s abbreviated corporate name


1.3. Issuer’s registered office


1.4. Issuer’s OGRN


1.5. Issuer’s TIN


1.6. Unique issuer code assigned by the registration authority


1.7. Issuer’s disclosure webpage;

1.8. Date of occurrence of the event (material fact) about which the message is made (if applicable)


2. Content of Announcement

2.1 Type, category (class), series and other identifiers of securities: 900,000 (nine hundred thousand) exchange-traded certificated interest-bearing non-convertible bearer commonly deposited bonds series BSO-P09 (the "Exchange-Traded Bonds") to be placed under the Exchange-Traded Bond Programme (identification number: 401978B001P02E; identification number assignment date: 31 January 2017) (the "Programme").
2.2 Maturity: in 3 (three) years from the placement starting date.

2.3 Assigned identification number and date of assignment: 4B021101978B001P, 12.12.2019.

2.4 Authority (organisation) which assigned identification number: Public Joint-Stock Company "Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS".

2.5 Number of securities and par value of each security: 900,000 (nine hundred thousand) with a par value of 1,000 (one thousand) Russian roubles each.

2.6. Placement method: public subscription.

2.7 Pre-emption: non-applicable.

2.8 Placement price or its determination method: the placement price shall be 1,000 (one thousand) roubles per one Exchange-Traded Bond corresponding to 100% of its par value.

2.9 Placement period or its determination method: the placement starting date shall be set by the Issuer’s sole executive body and published by it in the manner and time as set forth in cl.11. of the Programme.

The placement ending date is the earlier of:

a) the 7th (seventh) business day after the placement starting date;

b) the date of placing the last Exchange-Traded Bond of the Issue.

The issue is not to be placed in tranches.

2.10 Whether prospectus was filed with exchange: the prospectus was filed with the exchange at the stage of assigning an identification number to the Programme.

2.11 Terms of access to contents of prospectus: the prospectus is disclosed by the issuer at

The text of the Programme and the Prospectus shall be available on the Internet from the date of their publication thereon and until all issues of the Exchange-Traded Bonds that may be placed under the Programme are redeemed (cancelled).
Any willing parties may review the Programme, the Prospectus and the Terms of the issue of the Exchange-Traded Bonds and take their copies for a fee not exceeding the cost of making thereof at Issuer’s address specified in the EGRUL.

3. Signature

3.1. Head of Banking Legal Support Department (Power of attorney No.770/2016 dated 29.12.2016 (valid until 29.12.2019))

K.I. Galushko

3.2. 12 December 2019 SEAL