Instructions for installing certificates of Ministry of Digital Development and Communications for Chromium

To get secure access to all sites and online services, use browsers that support Russian certificates: Yandex Browser or Atom.
If you are used to working in other browsers or have problems with third-party programs, you can manually install certificates into the operating system.

For correct operation, you need two certificates — root and issuing.

  1. Download the root and issuer certificates to the Downloads folder on your computer

  2. To install the certificates open the Chromium browser and go to «Settings»

  3. In the search, enter «Certificate» and select " View certificates ..."

  4. Go to the «Certificate Authorities» tab and select " Import"

  5. Go to the folder with the downloaded certificates. Double click on the certificate «russian_trusted_root_ca.crt», check " Trust this certificate when identifying sites" and click «ОК»

  6. In the «Certificate Authorities» tab, select the «Import» button again, double-click on the certificate «russian_trusted_sub_ca.crt», check «Trust this certificate when identifying sites» and click «ОК»

  7. Check the list of certificates. Search for «org-The Ministry of Digital Development and Communications» and expand the list. Inside should be certificates «Russian Trusted Root CA» and «Russian Trusted Sub CA»


Clear your browser cache

Clear the browser cache on the device you are accessing from. This is necessary for correct work with resources protected by security certificates of the Ministry of Digital Development.