The Bank's main beneficial owner is Mr. Roman Ivanovich Avdeev, citizen of the Russian Federation.

Date of birth: 17 July 1967

Education: Lipetsk State Technical University (1996), business course "Practical Course of Banking" in Moscow International University of Business and Information Technologies.

Track record:

1989 — Roman Avdeev started his first business as a trader in electronics and computers

1994 — acquisition of CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW

2006 — creation of ROSSIUM Concern LLC as a holding company

2011 — creation of Domus Finance, a real estate agency later transformed into INGRAD Group

2013 — launch of pharmaceutical business with the acquisition of VEROPHARM, a Russian pharmaceutical manufacturer

2014 — establishment of the Arifmetika Dobra charity

Awards and nominations:

  • SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards 2014: The Banker of the Year
  • RBC: Best Investor 2015

Family: Married with 23 children (by birth and adoption)

Hobbies: reading, philosophy, Alpine skiing, jogging, Yoga

The secret of success, as seen by Roman Avdeev, is professionalism: "It is important to understand what you do - with qualification, self-consciousness, self-reflection, i.e. intellectuality at its best". He believes any manager must be honest and predictable, able to "arrange processes so that people come to work with enthusiasm and leave with satisfaction".

Roman I. Avdeev's blog
Roman I. Avdeev's personal web site
Roman I. Avdeev's charity foundation «Arifmetika Dobra» (in Russian)


  • 56.07221% "Rossium Concern", LLC
  • 7.473% JSC "Asset Management Company "Regionfinansresurs"
  • 6.6359% LLC "IK "Algorythm"
  • 3.6376% European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  • 3.1684% Limited liability company "REGION Trust" acting as a trustee for JSC “NPF EVOLUTION” (pension reserves)
  • 2.3722% Limited liability company "REGION Trust" acting as a trustee for JSC “Non-state pension fund “BUDUSCHEE”
  • 1.0877% LLC "VectorInvest"
  • 0.5407% Limited liability company "REGION Trust" acting as a trustee for JSC “NPF EVOLUTION” (pension savings)
  • 0.02328% Chubar Vladimir Alexandrovich
  • 0.0092% JSC "AM “REGION Investments”, trustee of Strategy “Moscow income”
  • 0.003% JSC “IK REGION”
  • 0.0012% JSC REGION EsM, trustee of Strategy “Moscow income”
  • 0.0005% Kryukov Andrey Alexandrovich
  • 18.97511% Other minority shareholders


* Persons who control or substantially influence the Bank are the same as specified in the letter sent to the Bank of Russia on 14.08.2020 for posting on its official website.