Information for shareholders

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW is highly committed to communicating with its shareholders and giving them access to its information and documents.

This section will provide you up-to-date information about the Bank's shareholders, shareholder calendar, registrar and dividend payments.

Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact the Corporate Secretary at

Investor calendar

General shareholders’ meeting

This section contains notices and minutes of General Shareholders’ Meetings, draft amendments to, or a restated version of, the Bank’s Charter, draft bylaws, annual report and annual accounting(financial statements), if included in the information (materials)deliverable to persons entitled to participate in the relevant General Shareholders’ Meeting and referenced in the ballot.

Materials of General Shareholders’ meetings


This section contains up-to-date information on dividend payments to the shareholders of CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW.

The decision to pay (declare) dividends, including any decision on dividend size and payment procedure for shares of each category (type) shall be taken by the General Shareholders' Meeting based on the Supervisory Board's recommendations.

Dividends shall be paid out of the Bank's net income and distributed among shareholders pro rata to the number of their shares of respective category and type.

Any dividend amounts recommended by the Supervisory Board to the General Shareholders’ Meeting shall be equal to at least 10% of the Bank’s RAS net income.

The Bank must pay any declared dividends to the persons registered in the Bank’s share register within 25 (twenty five) business days or, if they are nominees or stock market professional participants acting as asset managers, 10 (ten) business days of the date as at which persons entitled to dividends are identified.

Updated CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW’s Dividend Policy was approved by the Supervisory Board of the Bank on February 9, 2021 and is available on the Bank's website.

Dividend payment history

No dividend was paid or declared.
No dividend was paid or declared.
No dividend was paid or declared.
No dividend was paid or declared.
No dividend was paid or declared.
No dividend was paid or declared.
No dividend was paid or declared.


CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW's share register is maintained by JSC «IRC - R.O.S.T.».
Full name
Joint Stock Company «Independent Registrar Company R.O.S.T.»
Joint Stock Company «Independent Registrar Company R.O.S.T.» was registered by Moscow Registration Chamber on 22 November 1993 (Certificate of State Registration No. 447.993). JSC «IRC - R.O.S.T.» is entered into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities under Principal State Registration Number (OGRN) 1027739216757, on 18.09.2002 by the Ministry for Taxes and Charges’ Interdistrict Inspectorate No. 39 for Moscow.
CBR License
No. 045-13976-000001 dated 03 December 2002 (indefinite) for registrar activities
Banking details
Name: JSC «Independent Registrar Company R.O.S.T.»
INN: 7726030449
KPP: 771801001
Recipient’s bank AO «ALFA-BANK»
BIC: 044525593
Correspondent account: 30101810200000000593
Current account: 40701810599929300000
Registered address
18 bldg. 13, Stromynka Street, Moscow, 107996, Russian Federation
Postal address
18 bldg. 13, Stromynka Street, Moscow, 107996
Phone: +7 (495) 780-73-63
Fax: +7 (495) 780-73-67