CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW reports its preliminary RAS results for the first five months of 2018


CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW has reported its preliminary results for January-May 2018 in accordance with Russian Accounting Standards.

The Bank’s pre-tax net income for the first 5 months of 2018 was RUB 4.9 bln. Net income after taxes was RUB 1.8 mln.

The Bank’s capital adequacy ratios as of 1 June 2018 were: N1.1 — 9.0%, N1.2 — 12.7%, N1.0 — 21.6%.

Total capital calculated in accordance with Basel III grew by 3.0% in April-May 2018 and amounted to RUB 257.5 bln as at the reporting date.

The Bank’s total assets increased by 0.3% in April-May 2018 to RUB 1,817.9 bln.

Total retail and corporate loan portfolio, including repos, expanded by 1.4% to RUB 1,617.9 bln, of which 94% is attributable to corporate loans, and 6% to retail loans.

The funding base demonstrates stable growth. Retail deposits rose by 9.6% ytd to RUB 312,5 bln. Corporate deposits grew by 3.9% to RUB 780.7 bln.