CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW, starting from 17 July 2018, will be servicing private depositors and account holders of Sovietsky Bank whose banking license has been revoked.


CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW is the winning bidder for the assignment of Sovietsky Bank’s assets and liabilities. Starting from 17 July 2018, CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW will be servicing private customers of Sovietsky Bank under existing bank deposit and bank account agreements that did not expire by the time its banking license was revoked.

All obligations to depositors survive. The existing bank deposit and bank account agreements made with Sovietsky Bank will be serviced on their terms at CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW’s offices. Special promotions will also be offered to all customers of Sovietsky Bank from 17.07.18 to 16.10.18.

" CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW has traditionally developed in Moscow and Moscow Region. We have a strong network here and enough competences to expand our geography of presence. By undertaking this project, we can enter the North-Western and Central regions building our network and acquiring customers with minimum expenses," commented Mikhail Polunin, First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board.

Sovietsky Bank has 28 offices in Saint Petersburg, Murmansk, Archangelsk, Tver, Kursk and other cities.

A hotline is available for Sovietsky Bank’s customers at 8-800-200-04-60.