Sergey Putyatinsky to become a member of Credit Bank of Moscow’s Management Board


As a Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Sergey Putyatinsky will supervise the bank’s IT segment.

Sergey has worked in IT for more than 15 years, developing software for many sectors, including education, oil & gas, retail trade and state authorities.

His banking career started in 2007 at Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development (later renamed to MTS Bank). In 2009 he joined the IT company Neoflex where he, as the Business Development Director, ran projects for largest Russian and foreign banks, and set up a regional software development centre.

Sergey continued his career path as the CIO at the bank Otkritie with responsibility for the entire complex of its IT systems, regional software development centres and integration of diverse software. In 2013 he joined the National Settlement Depository (NSD), Moscow Exchange Group, as CIO and Management Board Member. In few years, NSD’s IT team was first transformed into a service subdivision, and in 2016 its large-scale transformation into a business partner and business development driver was launched.

In 2015 NSD was the first in Russia to create a blockchain solution prototype, after which it made technological innovations one of its priorities and started to transform into an ecosystem consisting of start-ups and fintech companies.

In 2016 NSD started a large-scale transformation into a technological company. A milestone in that process was that NSD became the first non-IT company in Russia to achieve CMMI level 3 (process level improvement methodology). Already in late 2016 Sergey set up a Technological Services business line, launching a range of IT products and turning the IT subdivision into a profit centre. Now NSD is among the pioneers in such areas as blockchain, OpenAPI and data monetisation.

Sergey graduated cum laude from Saratov State University (SSU) with a degree in Computer Science and Information Technologies/ Computing Devices, Computer Complexes, Systems and Networks.