CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW announces changes in its Management Board


CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW announces that on October 22, 2012 Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW Yury Ubeev became a member of the Management Board.

Mr. Ubeev supervises the Bank’s international and interbank businesses and operations in the securities market. His oversight spans the Bank’s open-market debt programmes and projects intended to enhance the Bank’s performance in financial markets and expand cooperation with Russian and foreign financial institutions.

Yury Alexeevich Ubeev was born on October 21, 1974 in Vladimir. In 1996 he graduated from East Siberia State University of Technology and Management with a degree in management. Yury Ubeev has worked in the banking sector since 1996. His track record includes membership in the Management Boards of various Russian credit organisations. Mr. Ubeev joined CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW in August 2011 as Vice President of the Bank. On October 16, 2012 he was appointed a Deputy Chairman of the Management Board. Since October 22, 2012 he has been a member of the Management Board of CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW.

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW’s Management Board consists of: Vladimir Chubar, Chairman, Dmitry Eremin, First Deputy Chairman, Evgeny Sandler, Marina Nastashkina, Darya Galkina and Yury Ubeev, Deputy Chairpersons, Svetlana Sass, Chief Accountant, and Yulia Podobrazhnykh, Director of Risk Division.

More information is available on the Bank’s web site in the section Shareholders and Management.