CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW summarizes its preliminary 2012 results under Russian Accounting Standards (RAS)


CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW announces preliminary results for 2012 under Russian Accounting Standards (not including events after reporting date).

The Bank’s net income in 2012 amounted to RUB 5.567bln exceeding 2011 net income by 8 times (RUB 695.7mln in 2011). The rapid income growth is explained by increased interest and fee income.

Total assets of the Bank increased in 2012 by RUB 80.4bln and reached RUB 309bln as of January 1, 2013 (35.1% growth). ranked CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW 20th among Russian banks by total assets as at the end of 2012.

The loan portfolio of the Bank before impairment provisions expanded by 34.5% in 2012 and reached RUB 225.2bln as of the reporting date. Corporate loan portfolio grew by 26.8% to RUB 174.5bln, retail loan portfolio increased by 70.1% to RUB 50.7bln.

During 2012 the total amount of the Bank’s liabilities increased by 32.4% to RUB 281.6bln. The amount of deposits by corporate clients reached RUB 87.7bln, exceeding the previous year results by 57.3%. The amount of deposits by individuals increased by 25.6% to RUB 105.7bln.

The Bank is an active player in securities market: in 2012 the Bank increased the volume of issued domestic bonds by 22.5% to RUB 41.0bln. For the first time in the Bank’s history, a subordinated bond issuance was placed in the market in December 2012. Resulting proceeds of RUB 3bln were included in the additional capital of the Bank. In addition, in August 2012 the Bank’s capital base was increased following an additional share issue. The shares were acquired by International Finance Corporation and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. Each of the financial institutions bought 7.5% of shares; the total investment amounted to RUB 5.8bln. These events resulted in the growth of the Bank’s equity by 51.7% up to RUB 39.4bln as at the end of 2012.

Last year CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW actively developed its international business segment. In November 2012, the Bank signed a syndicated loan agreement in the amount of USD 308mln, the largest funding transaction in the history of the Bank as at the reporting date. The loan was provided by sixteen international and Russian banks.

As at the end of 2012 the Bank’s branch network included 60 branches and 14 cash offices in Moscow and Moscow region. The number of the Bank’s ATMs increased from 604 (end of 2011) to 694. The network of payment terminals as at the end of the year included 3,906 terminals. CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW was ranked #2 in Russia among banks by the number of proprietary cash-in payment terminals and #7 by the number of ATMs as of July 1, 2012 (RBC Rating).

The Bank retains a leading position in the cash collection segment. The Bank provides collection services to 809 customers, including 25 credit organizations. During 2012 the number of cash collection points increased by 2,350 and reached 8,833. 30 new cash collection itineraries were put in place bringing their total number to 152.