CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW established correspondent relationship with one of the largest US banks J.P.Morgan Chase Bank


On 20 May 2010 J.P.Morgan Chase Bank took positive decision for opening correspondent account in the name of CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW in its books after thorough analysis of CBM’s financial standing and overall nature of business. This relationship is the evidence of high level of confidence in the Bank on the part of its partners and CBM’s excellent reputation in the international market.

J.P.Morgan Chase Bank is one of the largest and oldest US financial institutions with extensive network of correspondent bank relations worldwide and the largest share of the USD payment flow internationally. Establishment of correspondent relationship with J.P.Morgan Chase Bank will broaden the capabilities of CBM in the international market and enable it to offer its clients top-quality worldwide settlement services within the shortest time frame and with the minimum costs.

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW extensively widens the network of partner banks all over the world in order to offer its customers favourable conditions when serving their trade contracts. As at 01 June CBM had direct correspondent relations with 20 foreign financial institutions in 12 countries all over the globe.