CBM Has Supported an Environmental NGO "ECA" in Recovering and Preserving Russian Forests


Credit Bank of Moscow (CBM) has partnered with an environmental NGO "ECA" by sponsoring the planting of 10,000 young fir and pine trees as part of its project "Plant a Forest” in Malopurginsky District of the Udmurt Republic. This initiative involved more than 80 people, who recovered the damaged territory.

Russia is the only country on the planet to preserve more than 65% of its biodiversity. The importance of forest recovery was underscored by Vladimir Putin when ordering remediation of the damage caused by wildfires in July. He noted that preservation of forests requires strict limitation of logging and comprehensive legal regulation.

Since 2010 "ECA" volunteers have planted more than 10 million trees in 47 regions of Russia and created 5,000 school forest nurseries. In 2015 they launched PosadiLes.ru, a service allowing anyone willing to plant a tree without going out. Thanks to the support of its users, more than 100 ha of woods was restored in 15 Russian regions.