MKB's experts discussed the financing of the Ecology national project in the Federation Council


Experts of Credit Bank of Moscow (MKB) took part in a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Agriculture and Food Policy and Environmental Management. The meeting addressed financing mechanisms and instruments for the «Ecology» national project.

The discussion centred on the existing issues in raising non-public funding for the national project. The meeting was attended by Council members, representatives of federal and regional authorities, banks, scientific and expert communities.

The issues raised included the development of «green» financial instruments and responsible investment in Russia. Banks are ready, and have already started, to issue "green" bonds, but the lack of clear approaches to qualifying projects as «green», high capital intensity of projects, unclear credit quality and regulatory uncertainty substantially hinder the development of such instrument.

«What was proposed and recommended here as to protecting, stimulating and mobilising private investment through public-private partnership mechanisms and instruments, «green» financial instruments and responsible investments is an important step towards the accomplishment of the declared projects, – noted MKB's Senior Vice President Eric de Beauchamp at the meeting. – MKB, in its turn, is willing to participate in workgroups and further discussion of regulations for «green» financial instruments, ways to finance and carry out activities of the Ecology national project, and other related issues».