CBM to support Moscow's clinical hospital No.52 as part of initiative #ПоможемВместе (LetsHelpTogether)


Credit Bank of Moscow (CBM) is going to support Moscow's clinical hospital No.52 as part of the initiative #ПоможемВместе (LetsHelpTogether) launched by Expobank among financial market participants.

The Bank will help the hospital to buy personal protective equipment and devices necessary for pneumonia treatment such as nebulizers, pneumatic compression systems, and a video bronchoscope – an endoscope with an HD display to examine internal surfaces of the trachea and bronchi.

CBM is working on further ways to help hospitals in Moscow and Moscow Region.

The Bank has also announced measures to support its customers, both individuals and legal entities. Under its own support programmes, CBM reviews requests of customers whose loans exceed the ceilings set out in the Government's Decree. CBM has deployed additional mechanisms to support quarantined customers, both in Russia and abroad.

In mid-April, CBM has offered, in partnership with Ugoria Life insurance company, a new packaged insurance product "U-Protection. Online for Health" intended to financially support COVID-positive customers.