MKB to support "Podari Zhizn" charity ("Gift of Life" in Russian)


Credit Bank of Moscow (MKB) together with "Podari Zhizn" charity ("Gift of Life" in Russian) will provide food to children in the charity's care and their parents.

The epidemiologic situation has hindered the catering for children treated as out-patients at Dmitry Rogachev Centre of Paediatric Haematology and Russian Paediatric Clinical Hospital. The mothers of children living in the boarding houses at the hospital cook on their own, but may no longer leave to buy food. Lest the children be exposed to extra risks, the charity, MKB and INKAKHRAN will buy and deliver food products to their boarding houses. MKB will provide financial support, and INKAKHRAN will provide vehicles to deliver food.

"The children we take care of undergo chemotherapy against cancer, so their immunity is basically turned off. To keep them safe from external viruses and infections, their parents are now forced into the strictest self-isolation. Their mothers may no longer go out, even for 15 minutes, to shop for necessary products, to exclude the slightest risk of bringing the virus to the hospital. The tough situation of these families has aggravated," commented Ekaterina Shergova, Director of "Podari Zhizn".

"We remember not only those who have suffered directly from the novel virus, but also those taken aback by it, firstly children at risk of cutting short their treatment. Those in the charity's care are very vulnerable; to safeguard them from further risks, the bank will help with catering," commented Victoria Poigina, MKB’s Marketing and PR Vice President.

In early April, MKB participated in the initiative "LetsHelpTogether" launched by Expobank among financial market participants. The bank has already supported Moscow's clinical hospital No.52 in buying personal protective equipment and devices necessary for pneumonia treatment.

The Bank has also announced measures to support its customers, both individuals and legal entities. Under its own support programmes, MKB reviews requests of customers whose loans exceed the ceilings set out in the Government's Decree. MKB has deployed additional mechanisms to support quarantined customers, both in Russia and abroad. In mid-April, MKB offered, in partnership with Ugoria Life insurance company, a new packaged insurance product "U-Protection. Online for Health".