Credit Bank of Moscow nominated on AsiaMoney New Silk Road Finance Awards 2020


Credit Bank of Moscow first time became a winner of Central Eastern & Central West Asia: Best Local Bank in the Region for Belt and Road Initiative 2020.

Award emphasizes achievements that were successfully implemented from the September 2019.

Local credit rating of AA+ in China, first syndication deal in RMB as result for 2019 year. Starting long-term cooperation with China Development Bank in 2020 despite the Covid restrictions and economy downward.

“Our team set up the target to develop international operation with China as strategic region about 2 years ago. Now we support trade operations, participate in most important events, cooperate with the best players in China locally and worldwide. Our next step is to be involved in Belt and Road Initiative financing projects in Russia and CIS, continue support for transactions in national currencies and become one of the leaders in Russia-China relations,” – mentioned by Vadim Timokhin,  Head of Asia Business in Credit Bank of Moscow.

Credit Bank of Moscow has relationships with 23 local financial institutions in China, including CDB, ICBC, Bank of China, China Construction Bank etc. The Bank actively develop trade related products and is a member of CIPs system, which allows to be payment bank in RMB transactions.