MKB's new environmental initiatives: old ATMs to go into zero-waste recycling


Credit Bank of Moscow (MKB) and Elecsnet Group have decided to deliver their decommissioned payment terminals, ATMs, computer hardware and other electronic equipment for eco-friendly recycling. Elecsnet has already brought its outdated devices for recycling, and MKB will do so in the nearest future.

The e-waste will be dealt with by Ecopolis Corporation, which runs a recycling complex consisting of three plants. Initially, the decommissioned equipment goes to the Ecotechprom plant, where it is disassembled and sorted into various fractions, which are then shredded. The resulting scrap of ferrous metals, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other alloys becomes secondary raw material for metallurgical enterprises.

Shredded plastic goes to the Ecoplast plant where it is then processed into ABS, PS, PP granules which serve as input for the production of machine parts, household appliances, building materials, garden furniture and other goods.

Copper scrap and scrap of printed circuit boards go to Aurus, the corporation's third plant which produces copper cathode and precious metals. The technologies applied comply with European and Russian environmental standards.

"It's time for the banking community to leave behind the practice of scrapping outdated devices, with only few parts being actually recycled and the rest being landfilled. The most hazardous waste often remains unprocessed, – argues Igor Antonov, General Director of Elecsnet Group. — Eco-friendly recycling is the only e-waste disposal option for modern businesses. We've been looking for a partner in this area for a long time and settled on Ecopolis, who ensures a full processing cycle".

"Our decision to recycle e-waste is another step towards doing business responsibly. Big companies in today's world cannot let themselves to ignore their various social and environmental impacts," noted Gleb Zabelin, Head of MKB's Payment Services Development Department.