MKB's shares to be included in FTSE Global Equity Index Series


As part of its March revision, index provider FTSE Russel has announced the inclusion of MKB's shares (ticker: CBOM) in FTSE Global Equity Index Series (FTSE GEIS) as their liquidity has been increasing. The results of the index review will be confirmed on 5 March 2021 and take effect after the close of market trading on 19 March 2021.

The inclusion of MKB's shares in FTSE GEIS will promote the expansion and regional diversification of its investor base and make its shares even more liquid.

Now FTSE GEIS includes securities of largest companies from 49 developed and developing countries of the world, including 50 Russian companies according to the FTSE Global Total Cap Index.

MKB's shares listed on Moscow Exchange since June 2015 are also included in MoEx, RTS, MSCI EM Small Cap and MVIS Russia Small Cap indices. The free-float is 20%.