MKB has put more than 200 tons of electronic scrap into zero-waste recycling


Credit Bank of Moscow (MKB) together with Elecsnet delivered more than 200 tons of e-waste in September 2020 – January 2021 for eco-friendly disposal. In total, around 400 old ATMs and payment terminals, as well as more than 1,000 computer units were disposed of this way.

Electronic, plastic and metal waste is dealt by Ecopolis Corporation. At the first stage, equipment is disassembled and sorted at the Corporation's Ecotechprom plant. The resulting metal scrap becomes secondary raw material for metallurgical enterprises. Plastic is processed into recycled granules which serve as input for the production of machine parts, household appliances, building materials, garden furniture and other goods.

The Corporation's eco-friendly recycling facilities are going to receive soon from MKB more than 1,000 POS terminals, about 300 units of metal furniture and small household appliances, a large batch of obsolete monitors, system units, uninterruptible power supplies, connecting wires, etc.

"Most financial institutions bring old ATMs and payment terminals to scrap metal collection points, and smaller electronics, considered to be of little value, to landfills. But the disposed equipment contains toxic heavy metals, so throwing it away means contaminating the environment," notes Igor Antonov, General Director of Elecsnet Group.

Being committed to responsible banking, MKB is actively implementing the Green Office concept and initiatives promoting minimal resource consumption, waste sorting, delivery of waste for recycling and eco-friendly recycling of potentially hazardous waste.