Moscow Zoo tickets can be bought at MKB's terminals


Credit Bank of Moscow (MKB) and Moscow Zoo have unveiled a unique ticketing solution, eliminating queues and unnecessary contacts. Now admission tickets can be bought at MKB's terminals installed at the zoo's entrance, using cash or a bank card. The terminals are shaped to look like zoo inhabitants: a tiger cub, a panda and a giraffe, and have a game-like interactive interface.
The pandemic urged Moscow Zoo to close its ticket boxes and only sell entrance tickets online – until MKB's terminals have arrived.
Tickets to the Snake Safari internal exposition can be bought at a chameleon-shaped terminal provided by MKB.
In summer 2020, MKB installed payment terminals in Moscow Zoo which sell tickets to its internal expositions.
"The trick was to install terminals at the entrance that would not only sell tickets, but also issue tickets to those entitled to free admission. We did it," noted Darya Novikova, head of MKB's Transaction Business Development Unit.