CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW up by 22 spots in the world's largest banks ranking and is in the Top 5 of the best performing banks in Russia


CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW was ranked No. 544 in the Top 1000 of the world's largest banks in 2014 according to the authoritative British publication The Banker (Top 1000 World Banks 2014), and which is 22 spots higher compared to the results of the past year. The banks' rating is based on Tier I capital according to the calculations of the Bank for International Settlements.

Over the 4 years of being listed in The Banker's annual rating, the Bank has consolidated its position among the world's banks in terms of capital, having risen 278 points from No. 822, when listed according to the results of 2010. Such an outstanding achievement was possible thanks to the implementation of a strategy of active, sustainable and efficient growth well supported by the Bank's shareholders.

Apart from the Tier I capital rating, The Banker also publishes other financial performance data of the Top 1000 banks, in particular by regions of operations. CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW is in the Top 5 Russian banks by asset quality (NPL), also in the Top 5 list of the most efficient Russian banks by such measures as return on assets (2.5%), return on equity (27.7%) and operating cost-to-income ratio (29.3%), and at the same time it significantly exceeded last year's results according to these global rating indicators.

The Banker is an authoritative English monthly financial affairs publication which is part of the Financial Times group. The Banker has been published since 1926 and is read in over 180 countries around the world. There were 29 Russian financial institutions included in The Banker's ratings, excluding subsidiaries of foreign banks. The calculation methodology used for making the ratings is available at the following link.