Deposits through CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW'S terminals were included in the ARB's rating of best ideas


An innovative solution by CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW, which was the first to offer its customers the opportunity to open deposit accounts using their payment terminals, was recognised as one of the best marketing ideas by the Association of Russian banks (ARB).

ARB experts have accorded the Bank the second position in the rating, calling the new service a very simple solution for opening a deposit account.

According to the experts of the Association, self-service is the new trend in the development of global banking. The main thrust of modern marketing is: the more available the service, the more chances there are to attract customers' attention. CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW is one of the innovators in this field.

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW is in the 2nd position in the rating of banks by the number of its own banking transaction-payment terminals (RBC rating), located in Moscow, and in the 6th position in Russia as at 1 January , 2013. Currently, the terminal network of the Bank exceeds 5,200 devices.