CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW was recognised as "the ideal Bank" according to RBC.research survey


CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW was ranked 2nd in the rating of financial institutions, which are relevant to the image of an "ideal Bank" according to retail customers' opinion.

This rating was compiled in research of "Indicators of Russian banks' customers satisfaction - 2014", conducted by the RBC.research agency in December 2013. It was noted in the survey that the level of consistency in evaluating CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW as an "ideal" financial organisation is estimated by customers at 98.5%.

During the process of identifying the criteria of the image of an "ideal" Bank, the Agency formulated the most important "features" of a banking organisation for customers. The majority of respondents noted secure remote payments and Internet applications, speed and efficiency of solutions to customers ' problems connected with the Bank's services, as well as low loan interest rates.

It is notable that the convenience of the location of the Bank's offices, and no queues at branches and ATMs turned out to be less important than low tariffs on cash settlement services, the high quality of remote services and prompt information about the status of an account.

RBC.research also compiled ratings by geographical zones. In particular, CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW also took a prominent position in the list of Moscow's financial organisations operating in the retail sector. According to the Agency, the Bank is in 9th position in Moscow by share of clients, taking 6.7% share of the market.

According to RBC.research estimates, CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW has a positive reputation among its customers: about 70% of respondents are ready to recommend the Bank to their friends and acquaintances in one way or another.

During the survey, RBC.research analysts interviewed a sample of nearly 5,000 respondents living in different cities of Russia with a population of over 100 thousand who are customers of the largest banks; in total 51 financial institutions participated in the survey.