MKB has won two nominations of International Finance Awards 2021


MKB has won two nominations of International Finance Awards 2021: “Fastest Growing Corporate Bank” and “Best Investor Relation – Banking”.

Over the past 10 years, the bank’s assets increased at an average annual rate of 32.5%, mainly as a result of quality growth of the corporate loan portfolio, as well as progressive expansion of the customer base. MKB’s organic growth delivers consistently high profitability with the average return on capital (ROAE) of 15.1%.

Being the leading Russian financial institution tapping the international capital market, MKB keeps its IR activities at a high level. The bank has raised more than USD 2.2 bln in total in 2021: USD 1.9 bln by placing debt instruments and USD 308 mln by making an SPO.

"The high-quality and dynamic organic growth results from the bank's strategy, well-built business processes, and strong competences of the corporate banking team. We endeavour to follow the best international practices of corporate governance and sustainable development, commit to high transparency and disclosure standards, and adhere to best sustainable banking practices in line with our commitments. We would like to thank our customers and investors for high evaluation of our work," underlined Julia Titova, First Vice President of MKB.

International Finance Awards recognises industry talent, leadership skills, industry net worth and capability on an international platform. After careful consideration of nominations by a qualified research team, winners are declared on the strength of their application and past accomplishments. In 2019, MKB already won an International Finance award in the nomination "Most Innovative Bond Deal".

International Finance Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. It is intended for companies who work in the fields of finance, banking, asset management, brokerage, insurance, energy, oil & gas, logistics and utilities, and are active in the international markets.

More information is available at the award's official webpage.