CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW increased its card portfolio for more than three times in 2013


CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW became the leader on the market for the relative dynamics of its card portfolio for 2013, showing an increase in 3.3 times: from 1.1 bln to 3.7 bln roubles. This is mentioned in the survey of the informational portal

It was noted in the survey, that the Bank demonstrated the best dynamics among financial institutions whose cards loan portfolio exceeds 1 bln roubles, surpassing such players as "Tatfondbank" and "Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development".

According to the survey, where 57 credit organisations were examined, CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW also managed to reduce the share of overdue loans on credit cards from 11.87% as of January 1, 2013 to 10.23% as of January 1, 2014.

Currently the Bank's clients use more than 1 million cards. We also remind you that in February 2014 CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW's "United card" was recognised as "the Card of the year" among 800 similar products on the Russian banking market.