CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW reached sixth position in terms of the volume of mortgage loans in the Moscow area


CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW rose to sixth position among the mortgage banks of Moscow and Moscow region, overtaking such financial institutions as "Absolute Bank", "Bank of Moscow" and "Transcapitalbank".

These data are derived from the report of the rating Agency "Rusipoteka" which analysed the state of the mortgage market in 2013.

According to the Agency, CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW granted RUB 7.91 billion mortgage loans for buying property under construction or for resale in 2013, which exceeds the figure for the previous year by 47%.

In addition, CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW became one of the leaders in terms of the growth rate of the mortgage portfolio, overtaking its nearest competitors in the top five Moscow rating: "Sberbank", "DeltaCredit", "Gazprombank" and "Vozrozhdenie".

According to the survey, the share of mortgage loans granted by CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW in the portfolio of retail loans amounted to 10% and the total number of loans reached 1,850 (+35%).