J.P. Morgan has included MKB's Eurobonds in its ESG index


J.P. Morgan has included dollar-nominated Eurobonds of Credit Bank of Moscow (MKB) in J.P. Morgan ESG Index Suite (JESG).

JESG index was established by J.P. Morgan in April 2018 as its assessment of EM/DM debt issued by governments and companies from various sectors, including banking.

JESG includes 6 independent ESG indices built on different samples: in particular, investors can assess separately the attractiveness of "green" bonds in the developed and emerging markets; corporate and government bonds in the emerging markets; high-yield bonds in the developed markets; corporate and government bonds issued solely within the Asian region. The assessment is based on the coupon, duration, liquidity and other characteristics of a security.

"The inclusion of MKB's Eurobonds in J.P. Morgan ESG Index Suite means recognition of our bank's progress in implementing sustainable development practices. International capital market investors look today not only at the classical yield and liquidity metrics of securities, but also at issuers' commitment to the ESG agenda," underlined Julia Titova, First Vice President of MKB.