CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW was ranked 2-nd on the Moscow market of cash handling according to "Interfax-CEA"


CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW was ranked second in the rating of Moscow cash collectors and fourth in Russia, according to a survey of the market of cash handling services, conducted by the research agency Interfax-CEA.

The volume of cash collected and transported by the Bank in the 3rd quarter of 2013 reached 1.394 trillion roubles, about 1.232 trillion of which was accounted for by the Moscow region. CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW recorded growth of almost seven times more in terms of business volumes than in a previous similar survey conducted by "Interfax-CEA" in 2010.

"In Moscow, a 40% share of the market is accounted for by Bank transport, and CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW has 14% of that market , even overtaking Sberbank RF with a share of 11%." — according to the Agency's report.

As was noted in the survey, CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW's rating among Russian cash handlers was almost twice that of its closest commercial bank competitors. In addition, thanks to the strategic policy of working with retailers, the Bank took 3rd place in the Moscow market of cash handling for trading networks, being superceded only by the specialised transporters.

"Since the establishment of CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW's cash handling service, this is one of our key business lines, allowing not only an increase in profits, but also the promotion of other banking services and products — loans, customer acquiring, locating ATMs and terminals. Our plans include opening a third cash settlement centre in Moscow, as well as increasing the volumes of business." — commented Andrey Saligin, Vice- President of the Cash Collection and Automated Facility Network Directorate.

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW is the leader among commercial banks on the Moscow market for cash handling. The Bank provides cash handling services to over 1,000 customers, including 37 banks. The Banks' own fleet consists of 240 vehicles all of which are equipped with the GPS-GLONASS satellite control system. The cash handling service of the Bank undertakes the transportation of cash in Moscow and Moscow region, and also in Tula, Ryazan, Kaluga, Vladimir, Tver and Yaroslavl.