MKB has won Cbonds Awards – 2021


Cbonds has summed up the year's results and handed out annual Cbonds Awards – 2021 at the XIX Russian Bond Congress in Saint Petersburg. Credit Bank of Moscow (MKB) has won as many as eleven nominations for the best bond offerings made in 2021.


•           "Best primary placement of Eurobonds" – Credit Bank of Moscow's euro-nominated Eurobonds due in January 2026

•           "Green bonds of the year" – the first issue of "green" RUB 10 bln exchange-traded bonds series 001P-01 by Atomenergoprom

•           "Innovation of the year" – the first ever RUB 50 bln RUONIA-based floater series PBO-002R-31 by a corporate borrower of VEB.RF

•           "Debut of the year" – RUB 10 bln issue series 001R-01 by MV Finance, M.Video-Eldorado Group

•           "Best primary placement of sub-federal and municipal bonds" – 74th bond issue by the City of Moscow: RUB 70 bln due in 7 years

•           "Best primary placement for a leasing company" – GTLK's RUB 10 bln issue series 002R-01

•           "Best primary placement in the banking sector" – Sovcombank's RUB 10 bln issue series BO-P04

•           "Best primary placement by a federal-level developer" – Samolet Group's RUB 15 bln issue series BO-P10

•           "Best primary placement by a retailer" – Magnit's RUB 10 bln issues series BO-002P-04 and BO-001P-05

•           "Best primary placement in the machinery industry" – Sinara-Transport Machines' RUB 10 bln issue series 001R-02

•           "Best primary placement in the food industry" – Russian Aquaculture's RUB 3 bln issue series 001P-01


As at end-November 2021, MKB is a top-5 bond arranger in Russia. It closed 66 deals totalling more than 900 bln roubles in face value in the 11 months of 2021.