MKB Has Opened Centre of ML/AI Expertise


Credit Bank of Moscow (MKB) has opened an in-house centre of expertise in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). The purpose is to improve customer service: make it faster, and refine products and services through better understanding of customers' needs and wishes.

MKB started implementing ML/AI technologies more than 10 years ago. At first, they were used to evaluate borrowers, quantify risks and solve other tasks in retail business. Over the last years, the demand for such technologies has grown in other business areas, too: corporate banking, investment banking, and infrastructure. Therefore, it was decided to create a centre of ML/AI expertise.

One of the key objectives of the centre is to popularise ML/AI technologies and make them more accessible for all subdivisions. Any employee of MKB would be able to master the tools and techniques used in the centre, get hands-on experience of finding and testing interesting hypotheses, as well as, with proper ambition, get retrained as ML/AI specialists.

"One of our centre's nearest goals is to solve predictive analytics tasks across the products and behavioural scenarios that are not yet covered by the models in place. We are also going to launch a widely accessible internal infrastructure fully aligned with ML Ops, carry out specific projects, for example, based on "computer vision", machine-generated source code and so on," underlined Vitaly Trepykhalin, MKB's IT Director.