MKB fulfilled its obligation to pay coupon income on senior Eurobonds issued in September 2021


On March 21, 2022 CBOM Finance plc paid out interest in USD on the senior 5-year USD 500 mln 3.875% Eurobonds (ISIN: XS2384475930 / US12504PAJ93)  issued in September 2021 to finance a loan to CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW in accordance with the issue documentation. Interest is paid semi-annually. The total amount of interest paid was USD 9,687,500.

Currently there are ten Eurobond issues of CBOM Finance plc in circulation: seven issues with a total outstanding principal of USD 2.8 bln, two issues with a total outstanding principal of EUR 0.9 bln and one RUB 5 bln issue. Further information on the Eurobonds is available in the Investor relations section of our website.