MKB fulfilled its obligation to pay coupon income on perpetual subordinated Eurobonds issued in September 2021


On April 4, 2022 CBOM Finance plc paid out interest in USD on USD 350 mln perpetual subordinated Eurobonds with coupon rate at 7.625% for the first 5.5 years (ISIN: XS2392969395 / US12504PAK66)  issued in September 2021 to finance a loan to CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW in accordance with the issue documentation. Interest is paid quarterly. The total amount of interest paid was USD 6,671,875.

Currently there are ten Eurobond issues of CBOM Finance plc in circulation: seven issues with a total outstanding principal of USD 2.8 bln, two issues with a total outstanding principal of EUR 0.9 bln and one RUB 5 bln issue. Further information on the Eurobonds is available in the Investor relations section of our website.