The Bank of Russia registered 4 issues of replacement bonds by MKB


On 28 May 2024, the Bank of Russia registered four substitute securities issues to be placed by CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (“MKB”) matching four subordinated Eurobonds issued by CBOM Finance plc (CBOM-25 RUB, CBOM-27 USD, CBOM’17-perp, CBOM’21-perp).

The identifiers of the securities: uncertificated interest-bearing non-convertible centrally recorded publicly subscribed bonds series ЗО-2025-01, ЗО-2027, ЗО-2017 and ЗО-2021; the issue registration numbers and the date of their assignment: 4-24-01978-B, 4-25-01978-B, 4-26-01978-B and 4-27-01978-B respectively (collectively, the “Bonds”) assigned on 28.05.2024, with no International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN) or Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI) Codes assigned. The nominal value of the securities: 1,000 (one thousand) US dollars or 100,000 (one hundred thousand) rubles depending on the currency of the substituted Eurobond issue. The maturity (or its determination method) of the substituting bonds matches that of the relevant Eurobond. Placement method: public subscription. No prospectus is to be registered for the Bonds. Their placement price will be specified in the issue's terms and conditions.

All details on what to do to substitute CBOM Finance's senior Eurobonds depending on the chain through which they are held will be published on MKB's website later.

Fulfillment of payment obligations under Eurobonds remains a priority for MKB. For any additional information, please contact Investor Relations and Capital Markets team: