CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW’s Base Capital up by RUB 5 bln


26 February 2015 — CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW has filed with the Bank of Russia the closing notice in respect of its additional issue of 1.3 bln ordinary registered uncertified shares of 1 rouble par value each placed by public subscription. As a result of this placement, the Bank's charter capital increased by 8.8% and reached RUB 15.7 bln. The total amount invested was 5 bln roubles.

The Bank's shares were placed to its current majority shareholder LLC ROSSIUM Concern. The new shares were bought by the main shareholder with the proceeds from repayment (conversion) of a RUB 5 bln subordinated loan granted by it to the Bank in December 2014.

The conversion of this subordinated loan into share capital was made in order to strengthen the Bank's capital structure and was approved by the minority shareholders. Upon its completion, ROSSIUM Concern became the holder of 86.2% of shares in the Bank, while the minority shareholders are now left with the following stakes: EBRD — 6.9%, IFC — 2.7% and RBOF Holding Company I, Ltd. — 4.2%.

As of 1 February 2015, the Bank's capital adequacy ratios were as follows: N1.1 — 7.2%, N1.2 — 7.2%, N1.0 — 14.4%.