CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW repaid first tranche of syndicated loan


23 March 2015 — CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW repaid the USD300 mln /EUR20 mln 1-year tranche of the dual currency syndicated loan raised in March 2014. The second USD 68 mln 1.5-year tranche falls due in September 2015. The 12- and 18-month tranches pay 6-month LIBOR/EURIBOR + 1.75% and 6-month LIBOR/EURIBOR + 1.95%, respectively.

This is the largest syndicated loan ever raised by the Bank. Its proceeds were applied to finance trade-related operations of the Bank's customers. The original pool of lenders consisted of 18 international banks.

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW is an active player in the international syndicated loans market: the Bank has raised 13 syndicated loans since 2003. More information is available on our web site in the International Business section.