CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW placed an additional issue of exchange-traded bonds series BO-07 in the amount of RUB 2 bln


29 December 2014 — CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW placed RUB 2 bln additional issue of 5-year exchange-traded bonds series BO-07 (ISIN 4B020701978B).

The pre-buyback coupon rate was fixed at 9.1% p.a., the subsequent coupon rates will be fixed later. The buyback for the bonds series BO-07 will take place at the end of the 6th coupon period. Yield to maturity at the time of placing was 16.0%.

The issue was arranged by: LLC "BK Region".

The technical placement agent and paying agent: CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (open-joint stock company).

The initial placement of exchange-traded bonds series BO-07 was held on 30 October 2013. The face value of the issue is RUB 5 bln, the maturity is 5 years with 10 coupon periods. The issue was arranged by OJSC Bank "Financial Corporation Otkritie", LLC "BK Region", UniCredit Bank. CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW's documents of exchange-traded bond issue series BO-07 are available on its website in the section Investor relations.