CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW has paid out the 4th coupon on bonds series BO-06


October 26, 2015 CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW has paid out the 4th coupon on exchange bonds series BO-06 (identification number of the issue 4B020601978B from 20.06.2013). The annual coupon rate amounted to 8.95%. Total amount of income payable on the coupon amounted to 224,350,000 rubles or 44.87 rubles per one bond.

The placement of exchange bonds series BO-06 was held on October 24, 2013. The nominal value of the loan amounted to 5 billion rubles with maturity of 5 years from the date of placement. Bonds series BO-06 have ten semiannual coupons.

Currently there are ten bond issues of CREDIT BANK of MOSCOW on the market with a total amount of 40 billion rubles: exchange bonds series BO-06, BO-07, BO-09, BO-10 and BO-11 with a total amount of 35 billion rubles, and subordinated bonds series 11 and 12 with a total amount of 5 billion rubles. More detailed information on CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW's securities can be found on the website in the section Investor relations.