Information notice regarding change of CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW’s reference details


Dear customer!

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (open joint-stock company) (banking license No. 1978 dated 21.01.2013, OGRN 1027739555282, TIN 7734202860, KPP 775001001) hereby gives notice, as required by contractual agreements, that the Bank's RUB correspondent account number and BIC change effective 07.10.2015 due to its account migrating to Office 1 Moscow.

The Bank's new RUB account details: correspondent account 30101810745250000659 with Office 1 of the Central Federal District Head Office (Moscow) of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, BIC 044525659.

This change does not entail any changes to our rights and obligations in respect of our customers and counterparties, nor requires any restatement of existing agreements between us. All agreements and instruments previously made with the Bank will remain valid.

Please also note that we have started the process of bringing the Bank's name in line with the recent legislative changes. Once the relevant amendments to its constitutive documents are registered, the Bank's new name will be as follows:

  • full brand name in Russian: «МОСКОВСКИЙ КРЕДИТНЫЙ БАНК» (публичное акционерное общество);
  • abbreviated brand name in Russian: ПАО «МОСКОВСКИЙ КРЕДИТНЫЙ БАНК»;
  • full brand name in English: CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (public joint-stock company).

The date of registration of the aforesaid amendments and official name change will be communicated on the Bank's website at:, and in its offices.

For any further information please call +7 495-777-4-888, 8-800-100-4-888 (toll free in Russia).