CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW places exchange-traded bonds series BO-10 and BO-11 totalling RUB 10 bln


8 July 2014 — CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW closed the order book for its 5-year exchange-traded bonds series BO-10 (ISIN 4B021001978B) and BO-11 (ISIN 4B021101978B), with a face value of RUB 5 bln each.

During the book building stage, demand in the offered range twice exceeded the supply. The range of orders in determining the rate of the first coupon varied from 10.25% to 10.90% per annum for series BO-10 and from 10.60% to 11.10% per annum for series BO-11. The pre-buyback coupon rate was fixed at 10.5% p.a. for the exchange-traded bonds series BO-10 and at 10.9% p.a. for series BO-11. The subsequent coupon rates will be fixed later. The buyback for the bonds series BO-10 and BO-11 will take place at the end of the 2nd and 3rd coupon periods respectively.

The exchange-traded bonds series BO-10 and BO-11 were placed on 10 July 2014 on MICEX SE by open subscription in the form of book building. Following the placement, 56 orders for the bonds series BO-10 and 68 orders for series BO-11 were filled. The investors were mainly large asset management and investment companies and banking organisations.

The issues were arranged by:
CJSC "Raiffeisenbank", OJSC "ALFA-BANK", OJSC Bank "Financial Corporation Otkritie", LLC "BK Region", OJSC "Russian Agricultural Bank".

The technical placement agent and paying agent: CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (open-joint stock company).

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW's series BO-10 and BO-11 exchange-traded bond issue documents are available on its website in the For Investors section.