CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW has paid out the 8th coupon on bonds series 07


July 15, 2014 CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW has paid out the 8th coupon on bonds series 07 (identification number of the issue 40701978B from 25.02.2010). The annual coupon rate amounted to 9.30%. Total amount of income payable on the coupon constituted 92,740,000 rubles or 46.37 rubles per one bond. The placement of exchange bonds series 07 was held on July 20, 2010. The nominal value of the loan amounted to 2 billion rubles. Maturity of 5 years from the date of placement. Bond issue arrangers included CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (open joint-stock company) and OJSC Bank "Zenit". Bonds series 07 have ten semiannual coupons.

Currently there are ten bond issues of CREDIT BANK of MOSCOW on the market with a total amount of 37 billion rubles: bonds series 07 and 08 with a total amount of 5 billion rubles, exchange bonds series BO-02, BO-03, BO-06, BO-07, BO-10 and BO-11 with a total amount of 27 billion rubles, and subordinated bonds series 11 and 12 with a total amount of 5 billion rubles. More detailed information on CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW's securities can be found on the website in the section Investor relations.