Notification on changes to the Bank's reference details


In connection with the registration of the name change CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW notifies of change of its full and abbreviated name in company details since 16.05.2016.

The relevant amendments to its articles of incorporation are registered in accordance with the recent legislative changes. The Bank's new name shall be as follows:

  • Full name of the Bank in Russian: «МОСКОВСКИЙ КРЕДИТНЫЙ БАНК» (публичное акционерное общество).
  • Abbreviated name of the Bank in Russian: ПАО «МОСКОВСКИЙ КРЕДИТНЫЙ БАНК».
  • Full name of the Bank in English: CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (public joint-stock company).

Please take into consideration that:

  • The change of the Bank's name does not entail any changes to our rights and obligations in respect of its customers and counterparties.
  • Any restatement of existing agreements between the Bank and its counterparties containing the previous name of the Bank is not required.
  • All agreements and contracts signed by the Bank prior to the name change remain in full force and effect.
  • All the Bank's checks made out to cash from previously issued checkbooks remain valid.

The Amendment № 05 made to the Bank's charter is published at the official website of the Bank at:

It is also published at the website of Information Agency — LLC "Interfax — CCID", which is accredited for disclosure by the Central Bank of Russia, at:

For any further information you may contact us via phone numbers: +7-495-777-4-888, 8-800-100-4-888 (toll free in Russia).