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CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (open joint-stock company) ("CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW" or "CBM" or the "Bank"), one of the largest privately owned banks in Russia, today announces results of the secondary public offering ("SPO", the "Offering") of its ordinary shares (the "Shares") on the Moscow Exchange.

  • Further to the announcement on 17 December 2015, CBM is pleased to announce that it has raised RUB 16.5 billion through the SPO that has been completed on 24 December 2015.
  • A total of 4,500,000,000 Shares have been issued by CBM pursuant to the all-primary SPO at a fixed price of RUB 3.67 per Share.
  • Based on the offer price, the total market capitalization of CBM amounts to RUB 87.6 billion on a post-money basis.
  • More than 500 orders have been placed by investors during CBM's SPO.
  • Orders have been submitted through the Moscow Exchange during 18 — 24 December 2015 with settlement occurring in a continuous fashion each day during the Offering period.
  • The maximum number of Shares have been placed therefore the SPO has been successfully completed before the expected last day of the Offering (28 December 2015).
  • VTB Capital acted as the Sole Global Coordinator of the Offering. VTB Capital, ROSBANK Societe Generale Group and ATON Investment Company acted as Joint Bookrunners of the Offering. REGION Brokerage Co acted as Co-Lead Manager of the Offering.