Audit Panel

The Audit Panel is a standing elected body included into the internal control system of the Bank. The activities of the Audit Panel are implemented in the interests of the Bank and its shareholders to minimize the risks of financial and economic activities of the Bank.

The Audit Panel shall carry out an audit of the financial and economic activities of the Bank with respect to its annual results and at any time at its discretion, by resolution of the General Shareholders' Meeting, by resolution of the Supervisory Board or by request of any shareholder(s) aggregating at least 10% of the voting shares of the Bank.

The Audit Panel has the following powers related to organisation of internal control:

  • audit of the financial and economic activities of the Bank;
  • audit of accuracy and completeness of accounting, tax and managing records in accordance with regulations of the Russian Federation;
  • confirmation of the accuracy of the data contained in the reports, and other financial documents of the Bank;
  • audit of accurate distribution of the Bank's profit;
  • audit of legality of operations made by the Bank (by total or sample inspection);
  • control over other activities of the Bank related to internal control system.

Audit Panel members (elected by the annual General Shareholders’ Meeting on June 30, 2021):

  1. Evgeny O. Gudkov - Deputy Head of Internal Control Department of ROSSIUM Concern, LLC;
  2. Aleksandra A. Vastyanova - Head of Investment Analysis and Risk Assessment Directorate of ROSSIUM Concern, LLC, member of the Audit Panel of Metrika Investments, JSC and member of the Board of Directors of JSC "Expert RA";
  3. Vyacheslav Yu. Osipov - Head of Reporting and Audit Department of ROSSIUM Concern, LLC