The Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary reports to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. The Corporate Secretary's main objectives are: to ensure the Bank’s bodies and officers comply with the requirements of the law, the Charter and internal documents of the Bank concerning observance and protection of rights of the Bank's shareholders; to ensure observance of the procedure for preparing and holding General Shareholders’ Meetings and Supervisory Board meetings, to ensure observance of the mandatory disclosure procedure, and to improve the Bank's existing corporate governance practices.

Svetlana S. Sukhareva
The Corporate Secretary
November 29, 1984 in Moscow, Russia
1. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Year of graduation: 2007, Field of study: Finance and Credit, Major: Banking
2. Russian State University for the Humanities, Year of graduation: 2013, Major: Translation and Translatology
Additional education
Specialised course "Corporate Secretary" conducted by the Russian Institute of Directors (2014); Enhanced training “Corporate secretary” (2017).

Svetlana Sukhareva started her career in 2007 in VTB Bank’s FI Department. In 2014 she joined CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW’s Corporate Secretary Service, and in December 2014 was appointed the Bank’s Corporate Secretary by resolution of its Supervisory Board. She is a member of National Association of Corporate Secretaries.