Material fact notice

On Issuer Losing Control over Voting Rights in Entity


1. General Information

1.1. Issuer’s full corporate name (name for NGO)

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (public joint-stock company)

1.2. Issuer’s abbreviated corporate name


1.3. Issuer’s registered office

2 (bldg. 1) Lukov pereulok, Moscow 107045, Russia

1.4. Issuer’s OGRN


1.5. Issuer’s TIN


1.6. Unique issuer code assigned by the registration authority


1.7. Issuer’s disclosure webpage;

2. Content of Announcement

2.1. Full corporate name, registered office, TIN (if applicable), OGRN (if applicable) of entity in which issuer lost control over certain number of votes attached to its charter capital: JSC «IK REGION»; Moscow, Russian Federation; TIN: 7730095858; OGRN: 1027739041153.

2.2. Type of control lost (direct; indirect): indirect.

2.3. If issuer retains indirect control over five or more percent of total number of votes attached to such entity’s charter capital, specify sequence of all controlled entities (chain of directly or indirectly controlled entities) through which issuer indirectly controls such votes. Specify full corporate name, registered office and, if applicable, TIN and OGRN for each controlled entity: non-applicable.

2.4. Modality of control lost (independent; joint): independent control.

2.5. If issuer retains joint control over five or more percent of total number of votes attached to such entity’s charter capital, specify full corporate name (or, if NGO, name), registered office and, if applicable, TIN and OGRN of each legal entity, or surname, name, patronym (if any) of each individual exercising such control jointly with issuer: non-applicable.

2.6. Event resulting in issuer losing control over votes (cessation (reduction) of equity interest; termination or other cessation of asset management agreement, simple partnership agreement, commission agreement, shareholder agreement and/or other agreement relating to exercise of rights certified by that entity’s shares (participatory interests)): the transfer of a share representing 99.995% of the charter capital of LLC «Region portfolio investments», from JSC «IK REGION» to LLC «Long-Term Investments».

2.7. Number and percentage of votes controlled before relevant event: 1,717,528,615 (One billion seven hundred seventeen million five hundred twenty eight thousand six hundred fifteen) votes or 6.342% share in the authorized capital.

2.8. Number and percentage of votes controlled after relevant event: 1,034,700 (one million thirty four thousand seven hundred) votes or 0,004% share in the authorized capital.

2.9. Date of event resulting in loosing obtaining control over certain number of votes: 17.08.2018.

3. Signature

3.1. Head of Corporate Actions and Financial Market Transactions Support Unit (Power of attorney No.770/2016 dated 29.12.2016 (valid until 29.12.2019))

K.I. Galushko

3.2. Date: 27 August 2018 SEAL