Material fact notice

Income Payable on Issuer’s Emission Securities


1. General Information

1.1. Issuer’s full corporate name (name for NGO)

CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW (public joint-stock company)

1.2. Issuer’s abbreviated corporate name


1.3. Issuer’s registered office


1.4. Issuer’s OGRN


1.5. Issuer’s TIN


1.6. Unique issuer code assigned by the registration authority


1.7. Issuer’s disclosure webpage;

1.8. Date of occurrence of the event (material fact) about which the message is made (if applicable)


2. Content of Announcement

2.1 Type, category (class), series and other identifiers of securities: 500,000 (five hundred thousand) exchange-traded certificated interest-bearing non-convertible bearer commonly deposited bonds series BSO-P07 (the "Exchange-Traded Bonds") to be placed under the Exchange-Traded Bond Programme (identification number: 401978B001P02E; identification number assignment date: 31 January 2017) (the "Programme").

2.2 Identification number and date of assignment: 4B020801978B001P, 01.11.2019.

2.3 Issuer’s management body which resolved to pay (declare) dividends on its shares or set (or defined method for setting) interest (coupon) on its bonds: Chief Executive Officer.

2.4 Date of such resolution: 06.11.2019.

2.5 Date and number of meeting minutes, where applicable: Order No. 1624 dated 06.11.2019.

2.6 Applicable reporting (coupon) period (year, 3, 6 or 9 months, other period; coupon period starting and ending dates):

1st coupon period: 13.11.2019-13.11.2020

2nd coupon period: 13.11.2020-13.11.2021

3rd coupon period: 13.11.2021-13.11.2022

2.7 Accrued (payable) income on aggregate and per security basis (total dividends payable on shares of certain category (class) and dividend payable per one such share; total interest and/or other income payable on bonds of certain issue (series) and interest and/or other income payable per one such bond for relevant reporting (coupon) period):

For the 1st coupon period: 3% (three percent) per annum or 15,040,000 (fifteen million fourty thousand) roubles 00 kopecks or 30 (thirty) roubles 08 kopecks per one Exchange-Traded Bond;

Pursuant to cl. 9.3.1 of the terms of issue of the Exchange-Traded Bonds, the second and third coupon rates are equal to the first coupon rate.

For the 2nd coupon period: 3% (three percent) per annum or 15,000,000 (fifteen million) roubles 00 kopecks or 30 (thirty) roubles 00 kopecks per one Exchange-Traded Bond.

For the 3rd coupon period: 3% (three percent) per annum or 15,000,000 (fifteen million) roubles 00 kopecks or 30 (thirty) roubles 00 kopecks per one Exchange-Traded Bond.

2.8 Form of income payment (cash, other property): cash.

2.9 Record date for dividends, if applicable: non-applicable.

2.10 Due date or, where appropriate, last day of due period for payment of income (dividend on shares, income (interest, par value, part of par value) on bonds):

1st coupon period: 13.11.2020

2nd coupon period: 13.11.2021

3rd coupon period: 13.11.2022

3. Signature

3.1. Head of Banking Legal Support Department (Power of attorney No.770/2016 dated 29.12.2016 (valid until 29.12.2019))

K.I. Galushko

3.2. 06 November 2019 SEAL