CBM has become a partner of World Wildlife Fund (WWF)


Credit Bank of Moscow (CBM) has joined the World Wildlife Fund's Panda Club, an annual membership programme intended to unite the efforts of Russian business and WWF in preserving our country's nature. CBM partners with the World Wildlife Fund pursuant to its comprehensive strategy of developing corporate social and environmental responsibility programmes.

The first joint project of CBM and WWF Russia serves the goal of preserving the North-West Pre-Caspian population of the saiga antelope by organising their winter-time census using low-noise unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in December 2019. The results will be available after manual decryption of camera shots in March 2020. Fresh data on the population's condition, age-sex structure, distribution during the rut and dynamics will help design comprehensive conservation measures.

In the last 60 years, the saiga population in Russia shrank by almost 100 times. Furthermore, the proportion of males in it fell drastically due to selective hunting for horns which are used in traditional Chinese medicine. As estimated by WWF Russia in June 2019, there are slightly more than 5,000 saigas.

The saiga antelope is a unique representative of the mammoth fauna, most species of which became extinct due to climate changes or hunting. The saiga has survived to our days, but today its only remaining population in Russia verges on extinction again. Having existed for centuries, saigas have become an important element of the arid biome. Their vanishing would cause substantial changes in the natural vegetation of steppes and semideserts.