World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has summed up results of its first joint project with MKB


In October 2019, Credit Bank of Moscow (MKB) joined the World Wildlife Fund's Panda Club, the first joint project being a census of the North-West Pre-Caspian population of the saiga antelope using low-noise unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). In the last 60 years, the saiga population in Russia shrank by almost 100 times due to selective hunting for horns which are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The census showed that the North-West Pre-Caspian steppes are home to at least 6,350 saiga antelopes. Accurate data on the populations of rare species are requisite for effective conservational efforts and for evaluation of their results. The new method of counting provided most reliable information without any damage to the environment.

MKB partners with the World Wildlife Fund pursuant to its comprehensive strategy of developing corporate social and environmental responsibility programmes. In addition to the cooperation with WWF, MKB partnered with an environmental NGO "ECA" by sponsoring the planting of 10,000 young fir and pine trees in Malopurginsky District of the Udmurt Republic as part of its project "Plant a Forest". The Bank has also become the guardian of an Amur leopard at Moscow Zoo.