17 августа 2021

Guardianship of an Amur leopard at Moscow Zoo

MKB signed a partnership agreement with the Moscow Zoological Park, whereby MKB undertakes to cover the subsistence of the Amur leopard.


Support a biodiversity conservation project. Preserving the population of Amur leopard is a topical issue of the national level. In April 2019, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, emphasised once again the importance of this task and praised the achievements on this count and the contribution of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which carries out a dedicated wildlife protection project "Amur Leopard".


The Amur leopard (lat. Panthera pardus orientalis) is a feline predator, a leopard subspecies living in mountain coniferous & broadleaf forests of the Far East, at the border of three countries: Russia, China and North Korea. Now the Amur leopard verges on extinction, being the rarest leopard subspecies: as at 2019, only 97 individuals remained in their natural habitat in Russia[1].

MKB's contribution

In 2019, MKB signed a partnership agreement with the Moscow Zoological Park, whereby MKB undertakes to cover the subsistence of this amazingly beautiful and graceful predator. Thus, the bank has been participating in the Amur leopard guardianship programme for two years. 

There are more Far Eastern leopards in captivity, so the Moscow Zoo, together with other zoos in the world, is doing everything possible to help preserve the biodiversity of our planet. Leopards are fed with meat of various animals, mainly beef, they are also periodically given vitamin and mineral supplements and sprouted greens of cereals.

The global pandemic has made its own adjustments and it is also difficult for animals to adapt to the harsh modern realities, so the participation of business in such environmental initiatives is necessary.

By supporting biodiversity projects, we contribute to the conservation and restoration of ecosystems, seeking to prevent their exploitation and deterioration, minimise negative impacts, and facilitate conservation efforts.

"Environmental responsibility is no longer a question of a narrow circle of specialists. And the shape of the world in which the next generation is going to live has much to do with corporate responsibility. We believe that everyone can contribute something to the preservation and augmentation of our natural treasures. The partnership with Moscow Zoo is not the only environmental project of our bank. Our projects aim to develop our corporate culture and initiatives of our employees and also to support important public initiatives, for example that seeking to preserve our forests,” noted Vladimir Chubar, Chairman of the Management Board.


[1] according to the Land of the Leopard National Park "Земля леопарда"